The Adoption Process

When you are ready to get a puppy, this is the order of the process to getting a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy of your own.

Step 1: Adoption Form

This is where you begin the process to getting a Bernese Mountain Dog of your own. Fill out our Adoption Form by clicking the following button.

Adoption Form

Step 2: Reservation & Deposit

Now that you have filled out the Adoption Form, we will review your form and contact you shortly. We will require a $250 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to reserve your puppy.

Step 3: Delivery/Pickup

When Your Puppy is Eight Weeks Old

We require the final payment at this time. When final payment is received we will contact you and ask some information about where your nearest International Airport is. Then we will schedule the flight. This flight normally costs between $500 - $600 according to the details. This is a very safe process and works out well. During this time we will stay in close contact with you.  If you are able, you are always welcome to come pickup your puppy!

All puppies must be picked up or shipped the day before, after or on being eight weeks old. Eight weeks is the magical time when puppies just naturally blend right into a new household. Any time after that and it is much more difficult on them emotionally. If you do not feel you can meet these requirements we would ask that you wait for a litter that fits into your schedule better.

We look forward to hearing from you!