Brook (Retired)

Adult Female Bernese Mountain Dog

Brook: Adult female Bernese Mountain Dog
BornJanuary 7, 2013
Weight95 lbs.
OFA HipsGood
RegistriesAKC Registered

This is Brook ~ She is a very beautiful girl. Very thick and correct.

Brook has a great sense of humor; she is very lighthearted by nature and a complete joy to be with! Brook has a delightful smile she wears on her face at all times. She is naturally obedient... we did not have to work on this very much at all. Brook is gentle and Suuuper sweet-natured. Her temperament is kind and easy going. I am so delighted to have Brook as part of our family—it would not be the same without her.

Brook likes to lick our lambs' faces in a motherly way and watch them as they play and skip and hop in the shavings in the barn—she truly is a special girl! I often have watched her play with the others and she always lets another go before her. What I mean is, she will let another have the coveted toy or chew bone. Instead of making a grab for it she will come running to me in her sweet way and with asking eyes plead from me for another bone or toy or whatever the object of the day is. Of course I have one just for her since I have learned this is her way. Just like a darling child is she.


As far as her bloodlines go, she is a European Queen!!! Her Mother is, Imagine Easy Living from the highly desirable, Easy Living Bernese in Belgium. I have admired their dogs for quite sometime. I finally got a lucky break and obtained Brook. She is all I hoped she would be! Champions are the rule and not the exception from these lines.

Her Father is, Highlander Van't Pachthof. He is also from one of the finest and best producing kennels of champion Bernese in the world! Van't Pachthof Bernese is also located in Belgium. They are well known for their very thick, sturdy dogs with the excellent temperament one would want and expect in a Bernese; this is what I like and search the World over for—more of the old type Bernese Mountain Dogs.

As you can see, these are the reasons Brook has come to live with us here at Sweetwater Farms! We are certain she is a Bernese who will contribute much to the strength of the breed and MUCH to our joy and happiness too!