Adult Female Bernese Mountain Dog

BornJune 5, 2018
Weight105 lbs.
RegistriesAKC Registered

Clover came about from a Litter we bred from a female that came from Bulgaria. A very sturdy female of great substance. Clover is one of our larger females and is one of our more protective dogs. As she will not let people she does not know handle her puppies. That is an absolute no go with her. She is an EXCELLENT Mother!!! She gets straight A's for Mothering! She spends lots of time with her puppies, keeps them clean and truly enjoys them. This makes for well adjusted, Awesome puppies!

Clover herself is a Gorgeous Girl! She is strong and can move freely and smoothly as her Hips and Elbows are Rated by OFA as Excellent! We always strive for those Excellent Ratings! When we receive them, Well, we down right Celebrate!!! We have had the rare pleasure of having 8 Excellents in our Kennel! Thrilling!!

Clover can go for long walks and long distances without tiring and enjoys every minute of it as long as she is with us!! That is all she cares about, being with us. Never leaves our side, always keeps us within her sights. She does occasionally enjoy chasing a ground squirrel with the other dogs though, LoL.

She is very obedient and will merrily do our every request. She has a Wonderful attitude. She does not like swimming in the ponds—would rather scoot around the edges and wade in the lower water. Clover will lay down there with the biggest smile on her face! She has a Beautiful Head. Very square and substantial. Actually, nothing about Clover is slight. She is Boldly Bernese in every way! Gosh, she is one heck of a great dog and so very worthy of being a mother of some Stellar Puppies. We love, love how easy going and chill Clover is. Such a Joy to be around.


Clover's Father

Elliot is Clover's father. See his page for more details.