Jake (Retired)

Adult Male Bernese Mountain Dog

BornMay 17, 2005
Weight90 lbs.
RegistriesAKC Registered

 If I only had two words to describe Jake they would be, "Big Hearted!" Every morning when Jake first sees me he gets an immediate smile on his face. He takes his front paw and wraps it around my legs for a true Jake style hug. He's big on hugs and casts frequent admiring looks at those he loves. He won't go anywhere until this morning hug has been properly administered! Such a big loving, gentle soul. He is a happy dog and has a very laid back, willing attitude.

Jake can always be found right by my side. if I am driving the tractor, he glides right alongside until we reach our destiny. He has a very confident, calm personality, and is not easily provoked even by other male dogs he does not know. He gets along with everyone and everything (including llamas, goats and sheep). He's the kind of dog that just makes you look good where ever you go or whatever you are doing—I think this is because he is a perfect gentleman in all his ways. Jake also loves water and can frequently be seen playing in the ponds on hot summer days. His hair is long and slightly wavy... very nice and easy to take care of.

Jake has never been sick or had any ailments or injuries whatsoever. Truly, words cannot express how much we love this dog!


Jake's Father

Jakes Father is Cherokee Jack whose parents are Direct Imports from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Jake's Mother

Jakes Mother is Cherokee Sally whose parents come from Hungary.