A Litter of Big Personalities

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Each Litter brings all new personalities and characters of all sorts, LoL. Never ceases to amaze us the many variations of personalities that puppies have! Some are very laid back and don't particularly care to chase a rolling ball, some can't wait to get to the rolling ball first! Some are wanting to sit and cuddle, some squirm right out of our arms to go run and play. We work each one of them as the individuals they are. We can literally have one hand gently petting a quiet puppy and the other hand tossing a ball for the active one that wants to play!

With each litter of puppies we have, each day is spent taking care of each puppy's every emotional and physical need. I can truly say we enjoy meeting the needs of each puppy's personalities. More times than not I feel like saying, "Pinch me, is this for real?" it's so wonderful.

The litter in this photo is our last litter this summer. They were such a joy and so beautiful. I got all hands on deck for this group photo and you know what, I liked it so much—thought I'd share it with you all too.