Journey's Dirty Deed

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Here we have Journey, not necessarily in her finest form, LoL. Can't recall if I have ever told before, but I am an avid gardener. Was once a commercial gardener bringing 40 boxes twice a week to a Farmers Market in town. Decided to not do that any more and instead raise & pick our veggies & fruits for ourselves and can them. We also dehydrate and freeze our own food every year.

So, I had just given Journey a bath the day before this photo. As the sun was setting, I was talking to the dogs and telling them that their favorite time of day had finally come, it was dinner time! They were all laughing and dancing at my feet when I noticed one was missing? It had just rained and when I turned my head to call for Journey. There she was in one of my unplanted  planter boxes just enjoying herself all to pieces in that new found mud! You can plainly see by the look on her face that she was not thinking she was doing anything wrong and was quite proud of herself since she had found it all by herself and had to share it with none! Was a great Journey time! I just happened to have my camera on me from taking some puppy photos and caught her in the act of her quite Dirty Deed!"