Berners Love Snow Like Border Collies Love Sheep

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Yesterday it snowed at least a foot here at The Ranch and OF COURSE Bernese Mountain Dogs LOOOVE the Snow!! Rio is our resident goof ball and comedian—he was gleefully running from pile to pile of fresh snow laying on it, licking it, eating it, rolling in it, and pretty much enjoying it in every way.

When Rio finally got to his favorite big pile of snow, it had a big snowball towards the top of it. He laid down across the top of the snow mound and literally hugged his snowball. He hugged it with one side of his face and then the other side. It was like he was saying, "oh snowball, I love you so much... you bring me such happiness inside. Please don't leave me like you did last year! You promise my favorite snowball? You will stay and not leave mysteriously?"

It was so hillarious to watch that I laughed and then ran inside the house to get my camera and see if by chance he would still be there so I could snap a few photos of Rio loving his snowball. Much to my delight he was still there and I caught these two photos to show you—it is true what I say. Bernese Mountain Dogs love their snowballs like Border Collies love sheep - it's just the way it is, LoL.