End of Summer Vehicle Cleaning... and a Surprise Berner

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

At the end of every summer—if I can in any way get the time to wash and wax the cars before winters salty chemicals come along—I do. This one particular day it was sunny and warm and I was able to set enough things aside to wash and wax the dog mobile!! I got all the stuff out and got my tunes going and got started.

As usual, I open all the doors so I can reach all the things I need to reach to get things as clean as I like. At some point though, I must have been focusing on the front end of the vehicle because when I got to the back of the vehicle I noticed Rio had jumped into the back of the car waiting to go for ride. I told him "Hey Mr., we are not going anywhere", and encouraged him to get out—he would have none of it. He was certain that all this washing attention on the dog mobile meant we were going someplace pretty spiffy, and he was going to be in on that trip! LoL.

So, I just let him hang out there while I continued. He must have stayed there 2 or 3 hours patiently waiting for the big event. Of course I knew there was going to be no grand destination, so when done, I went in the house and got him one of his favorite happy things... a rather oversized/large rawhide chew, which he gratefully accepted and merrily went on his way to have a good chew in the shade.