Introducing Rio

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Rio is a pup that we purchased from a great breeder that we like to purchase from in Ontario, Canada.

His Father is a French dog that brings some very nice movement and character to the breed and he also happens to be gorgeous!  His mother is a very husky dog with great bone structure.  We are very excited to have Rio with us as he also is a prospective stud dog.

Rio has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around and play. He is calm and confident! Emphasis on the confident!! Even as a 8 week old puppy he thought he would just skip the three stairs to walk down to get to the front yard and simply do a superman style jump!! When he landed he was very surprised that it worked out that way?!! He simply got up and looked at me like - I will have to work on that a bit and then cockily walked off.

He is a voracious eater! We have had to work with him in sitting and waiting for his food.  If only you could see all the funny antics he does while waiting for the cue to eat!!  Such a crack up.  So, in short this is Rio, a puppy in training for a possible stud dog future.  We never know until they are about 2 if they will make the grade.  Rio is only 4 months old and I will be posting some more articles about some of the funny and new things he and Winston do since they are best buddies.