No Snow... and Gophers!

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Early this week I decided it was time to give the dogs baths. During the winter months I go to the vet clinic, where my daughter works, to use their bathing facilities and I'm very greatful for it. I decided to take Rio first and he loved it as usual. He stood patiently while the warm water poured over him and the suds washed away the dirt. I towel dried him and then blow dried him—trimmed a few little stray hairs and his toenails and he was good to go.

When I got home, I decided to take a few quick photos since he was all gussied up. So, I snapped a just few shots out at the sawmill and proceeded to go for a walk, planning on taking more in a while. Here we are in January and no snow! We walked through a muddy alfalfa field towards the pond that the Canadian Geese and other water fowl love to stay in for the winter.

On our way, Rio apparently smelled a fresh gopher scent! How exciting for him! He stuck his clean white muzzle deep down in the hole and came up a mud monster! "Well, I guess that is the end of the photo shoot," I laughed to myself. I'm certain he was laughing too as he merrily romped off to see the magical flying creatures that float on the water!!