Rio, The Obedient Comedian

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Rio is growing and becoming quite the comedian and also very obedient.  He is sensitive to my vocal commands and is very willing and eager to respond to what I ask of him—this is a delight!  Here is an example.

I have a large commercial garden—no dogs are allowed in the garden—it is not fenced off in any way.  When I walk across the invisible threshold into the garden, I have been telling Rio, "Nooo, wait here... nooo, wait here."  He looks up at me and is truly trying to understand what I am asking of him.  In the early stages of this training I would gently hold his chest and the top of his shoulders and tell him my request again.  He learned very quickly to wait and not enter the garden and does not argue or rebel in his training.  Rio likes to look me straight in the eyes and try to figure out with all his little heart what I want him to do—I look forward to being with him everyday because he is such a joy!