Say Hello To Willow

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

This is our New Puppy, "Willow". Willow is from Rio and a good friend of mine's Bulgarian Beauty, Cara.

Cara and Rio produced a beautiful litter of eight gorgeous puppies! They were so gorgeous and had such sweet temperaments I had to have one! Just couldn't live without one, oh my. I was so very excited when my dear friend said, I could have pick of the litter female! Due to snow storms and generally lousy road conditions we could not pick her up until she was 10 weeks old. When we finally were able to get her we could immediately see that she was a keeper! She is so soft in her temperament—so willing to learn and immediately attached herself to us as a family member. We are having so much fun with her—everyday is loaded with training and learning for her and us. What a great joy she has brought to us all by her little ol' self! Thought we would share a few photos of her with you.