Sharing With A Friend

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Ah, what could be better than sharing some cool, fresh water with a friend? Sometimes in the Fall the days get short and things get a little dull compared with the excitement of summer. So we fill up the kiddie pool and everybody shares a good time together.

Some like to stand on the waters edge, some like to get just their two front feet in and then there are those who like to do belly flops!! Just a few names come to mind—like, Rio and Fjord!

The ladies gently sip the water when it is clean and first poured in, but after others slobber in it like Boone and Fjord and don't forget Elliot, they will not consider a sip as it will have to be refreshed first! The boys don't mind a bit of slobber or dirt or even grass floating on top—throw in a nice ball and we have a good thing going!

The water is cold at this time of year—that is right up Berner* alley as they looove cold. If no snow is present, a nice cold pool of water is second best!!


*Berner is a common nickname for Bernese Mountain Dog