So Cute Denali

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

What could be cuter then a Bernese Mountain Dog Pup?? We haven’t found anything! (LoL, consider the source.)

This is Denali—she is a 4 month old Female we kept from Jessie and Fjord's winter litter. She just wrapped her little ol' self right around my finger and I could not part with her, and am I glad I didn't. She is such a source of joy to us! She has a very whimsical personality, one that you can never get enough of. We will see if she makes the grade for the mommy team?? She has a lot of hoops to go through before then. So, far so good.

We are writing a book with Denali as the main subject. It is about Raising a Puppy from 8 Weeks to 1 Year. We find that this is something our puppy clients would like and we are doing our best to get the information together for them and possibly other avenues too??? Of course this will take a while to put it all together, but Denali is helping us do it!