The Great Outdoors—Puppy Style

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

When puppies are six weeks of age, they are so adorably cute. They are becoming for the first time real dogs with their own sense of humor and their own individual personalities. When they are six weeks old we start to introduce them to the outdoors as they are now old enough to stand the colder temperatures. They love to go outside and explore! There is usually a brave one that just jumps right into the new experience and the others will follow.

Once they are out of their "norm" they explore everything—stones, weeds, dirt, any toys provided. I have even seen them watch birds as they flew overhead. I love watching them explore the world around them as everything is a marvel.

We get the puppies used to being called and reward them for coming in and out when called. This is the beginning of their training for their new homes!