Tour Our Berners' Home On The Farm

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

I am excited to show some of the facilities we have been working on for the dogs.

Since we have a very small farm house, our dogs cannot stay in the house with us all the time. They get to come in and out but we needed a nice place for them to stay should we be gone... or should somebody be in heat. Also, since they are breeding dogs we do not want our males learning to go out wandering and things like that because when you have a "Pack" the rules are different than for a single pet. So based on our house size, large equipment moving closely near the house, and visitors coming to look at cows, horses, sheep, and to purchase hay, we cannot let the dogs be out at all times for their own safety.

So, this is why we created a facility for our dogs to be in when they can't be with us. We have made each dog their own individual large space with their own doggy condos. Inside their condo is plenty of room for them to play or sleep comfortably. Each has their own Costco fluffy bed to sleep on. During the winter months, we stuff their indoor area with fresh wheat straw so they can snuggle into it at night. Each day they are let out either with us or in the two acre play area to run and play with each other. We decide who gets to be out in the play are together based on what vehicles that will be coming to our farm that day and of course who may be in heat.

In the large play area we have toys for them to play with—lots of "Kong" toys and rawhide chews. We are always on the look out for new safe toys for them to interact together and play with. Their favorite is the big kiddie pool. They will play in this for hours.

I have taken a few photos to share so any can see some of the things I'm talking about.

We are looking forward to adding new and fun things for the dogs' comfort and joy. Stay tuned, I plan to show you more about those in future "Updates".