Winston's Lastest Developments

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Here is a photo we took with Winston in the lamb barn—he just loves to lean on the gate where the smallest lambs are and let them snuggle up to him.  Often he is laying there gently licking their faces—he is so gentle, it's amazing to watch.

Winston has also become quite the watch dog.  We live on a short gravel road where there are no neighbors and when people come to pick up hay or veggies we sell Winston always alerts us that someone is coming up the road.  He puts on a pretty good show—until they get out of their car.  Then, he wags his tail and gives them the full welcome party as if he was saying, "Oh, John it's you! I wouldn't have barked if I knew it was you—I'm so glad you came to visit.  Now where were we last time?"