Winston's New Status

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Winston is the number one greeter to our hay and veggie customers here Sweetwater Farms.  He greets them with his big smiley face and honors them with sitting on their feet and leaning on them. This is serious dog trust going on.

Winston just took a little trip to the Vet 3 weeks ago to be neutered and he is enjoying his new status.  He is a beautiful dog and has no health or conformation issues.  He's just not quite as outgoing as I like to see a stud dog be.

However, Winston is Rio's number one uncle and can't believe how quickly Rio is catching up to him.  They spend hours on their backs together just looking up at the fluffy clouds and enjoying the cool grass—best buds hangin' out on a hot summers day—the kiddy pool full of fresh, clean water—oh, it don't get any better then this. Maybe if mom brought out a big platter of fresh cooked liver, oooh lah lah - that would do the trick!