Puppies and Lambs

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Had a beautiful litter of puppies and so I thought, "Before they go to their new homes, let's take a few photos of them." It starts off with two puppies in the shavings pile. Then our daughter walks by with one of her lambs to place in the lamb pen. I think, "Hey, let's get the lamb in with the puppies and see what happens?" They sniff, sniff, sniff then decide... whatever. Next the lamb starts hollering, "Hey Mom! Where are you!?" It sure cracked me up to see the look on the puppies' faces as they look at the lamb as if to say, "Why is this thing here? It makes a lot of noise and we were doing just fine without him!." After all the initial hubbub, everybody settled down and gave me the photo I really wanted all along. It really was a lovely day!

Update from 2022-08-30: We ended up keeping Journey and she is the puppy on the right in the photos... we love her!!