When it Comes to Puppies... Everybody Helps

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

When it comes to puppies... it takes all hands on deck to help them grow into awesome, healthy, well adjusted pups. Everyday they need a lot of attention and love, love, love. They can really feel the love! It also takes lots of cleaning and feeding. But, the most important thing is to simply take time to spend with them! Get on your hands and knees (get on their level) and play with them, or when they are very young just let them crawl on you and get accustomed to the sound of your voice and your touch.

When the pups get a bit older we slowly introduce them to new things each day. Things like:

  • Let them out in safe places to play that they have not been before.
  • Give them new toys and let them experience new objects and let them work it out if it is a safe object or otherwise.
  • Sometimes we just take a trash can and put it on its side so it can roll. Some puppies will jump right in and roll it around with joy while others will be fearful of it for a bit and then jump right in.
  • We will even let them take long ropes and unravel them all over the place to play with them.

Just about anything is good that will stimulate thought in these growing pups and let them see new things are not scary and can even be fun. This is really a fun thing for us to do and it is always fun to think of new things for them to enjoy and explore.