Denali (Retired)

Adult Female Bernese Mountain Dog

BornDecember 2, 2014
Weight85 lbs.
OFA HipsExcellent
RegistriesAKC Registered

Here is our dear girl Denali! Denali is a girl we kept back from Jessie and Fjord. She was such a beautiful puppy we just had to keep her. Our only regret is we did not keep her gorgeous sister who perfectly matched her too!!

Denali is helping us write our first book on Bernese Mountain Dogs. We plan to write this book to make available to our clients as well as the general public. It is loaded with photos of Denali as well as some other beautiful puppies who we have had the great pleasure to raise. 

Denali is a very level headed girl. She gets along well with other dogs and is cheerful and happy in everything she does. When we took her to obedience classes, she loved visiting with the people and the other dogs more then paying attention to what she was supposed to be doing, LOL. She is our social butterfly. 

I can tell you Denali moves as smooth as butter. She has excellent movement and when we had her X-Rayed, we found out why. Denali was rated at Excellent for Hips and Elbows just like her mother Jessie who was also rated at Excellent!  This gives us four dogs rated at the highest rating of Excellent!! We are now able to breed Excellent rated dogs with other Excellents!! This is fantastic and we feel very fortunate to be able to do this!

Denali likes to walk right by my side. She does not wander far as I seem to be her idol and absolute reason for being. She is very loyal and loves to go for car rides and exploring.

She has a beautiful coat—it is so slick and shiny, it absolutely exudes health and well being. She is a good guard dog and will let us know when any intruder be it a skunk, porcupine or what have you is around but does not bark unnecessarily or excessively. Denali has a healthy appetite and will wait her turn for her food. She does not step out of line and try for a greedy grab, nope, not her. She is very patient and kind with the animals and smaller people/children... rolls over on her belly and submits to their authority. She also walks on the leash patiently and does not pull.

Her favorite thing to do is be with us as we do our farm chores. Denali also loves rawhide chews and eats them all without burying them like Sierra who never takes a bite... just takes them and buries them everywhere saving for that rainy day. We find Sierra's bones all over the place all swollen up and flat, oh dear funny, LOL.

You might notice that Denali is wet in these photos. She got her shampoo and conditioner, but she does not like the blow dryer, LOL. She lays down and says, "is it over yet?"

Denali was born into my hands—I love her dearly and could not imagine life without her. She has turned out to be a gorgeous dog that I am ever so happy we managed to keep. Actually, she is the first puppy we have kept for ourselves! We have tried many, many times - but, are always talked out of them. Denali was meant to stay right here with us. She has graced us with her beautiful presence and cheerfulness for the last 2 years and we are very fortunate to have her!


Denali's Mother

Denali's mother is Jessie. See her page for more details.

Denali's Father

Denali's father is Fjord. See his page for more details.