Our Story

In June 2005, I met three wonderful creatures that changed my life forever - three Bernese Mountain Dogs - Hildi, Jake & Hannah .  Each were very different individuals - each were desperate for love and freedom - the minute we met - I knew they were to be mine.

None knew how to walk on a leash - none knew of a bath or a proper grooming.  It was amazing to me the camaraderie they shared together - they were an amazing team - all three would share their food together - making sure each other received enough - especially Jake - he was the most generous - never taking the last piece of kibble in the dish.

Whenever I would let any one of them out for the night to roam as free and wide as they pleased - they would sleep at the kennel door of the other two - cold, rain or snow.  When putting them up for the night - each watched out for the other - to make sure they went to their proper place - not in a selfish way - but in a guardian way one for another.

After a good bath - their black hair glistening in the sun - their fluffy white chests extra white and arching proud - with deep mahogany highlights that the original Swiss Farmers enjoyed so much - their beautiful tri-colored dogs - the pride of the farm - the protector of the family - the guardian of the young lambs,calves and colts.

They would look upon each other with soft eyes glowing - content with a day well done - but not to proud to enjoy the large mud puddle that all three could fit into - dowsing themselves in the homespun mud that once again makes them common canines - they enjoy the farm and the coolness that the mud offered - looking at each other - tongues splayed wide - lips curled up with a sweet Berner smile - Life is Good!

Each would rise to make sure that they were at their stations for the nightly round of chores - Escourting, guarding, making certain that everything is going well - only then can they rest peacefully for the evening - knowing they did their best.

This is the Bernese Mountain Dog - His life he lays at your feet - willing to receive from you his daily rations - willing to receive the shelter you provide and the loving tender kindness that he thrives on - giving his life everyday - your happiness is all he asks in return.

Here at Sweetwater Farms Bernese Mountain Dogs it is our sincere desire to show each and every person interested in this historical breed - these aspects of the dog - that the more you give - the more you receive - there seems to be no end to the depth of love owner and dog can receive one from another.

We seek with all diligence to make the union between dog and man the joy it was designed to be - we seek soundness of structure - conformation that will serve a lifetime of effortless movement - and a beauty that is inside as well as out.

We have carefully chosen the dogs we breed to fit these specifications and are always watching and striving to find other exceptional individuals to add to our program - that they might always remain a lifetime "dream dog" come true!
The  Tri-Colored Dog the Swiss Farmers admired and loved so well are still here among us today because of dedicated breeders who have hung tight and stayed close to that dream.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

-Author Unknown

Most Sincerely,
Tracy Koskela