Adult Female Bernese Mountain Dog

BornNovember 1, 2015
Weight90 lbs.
OFA HipsExcellent
RegistriesAKC Registered

This is our Beautiful Girl Willow. Each Berner we have is so different from each other and yet somehow the same? Willow is the happiest and most cheerful Berner we have! When she comes in the house, her tail wags so big it hits the side of her ribs—boom, boom, and watch out furniture—that tail is going to knock anything off that is not securely fixed, LOL.

And to go along with her Happy Body goes her Happy Face! She has the hugest Smile from ear lobe to ear lobe. Nothing phases her and her joy is contagious—If we need a good happy fix, Willow is our girl to bring that about! She loves to please us and just absolutely lives to do our every wish. She never complains or balks about a thing—all things are good with Willow as long as she can be with us doing whatever it is. Hard to explain the positive influence she has on all living things... would never harm a thing. I watched her one day with a butterfly that landed near her as she lay in the grass. She looked at it with absolute wonder and she took her paw and so gently tried to pet it or see if it would fly or what it would do if she reached out to it. When the butterfly realized she was a living thing, it did just that and gently flew off into the blue yonder and Willow laid there in absolute amazement at the beautiful thing she had just met! She looked at me as if to say, "Wow, did you see that?! Wasn't that awesome! I didn't know those things existed and I just made a friend—you think she will be back?"

Willow is precious and has earned a spot in our hearts with her loveliness. She is a beautiful girl too - we were overjoyed when we found out that her hips were rated at Excellent! She is our FIFTH dog to be Rated Excellent! We now are experiencing the rare and awesome opportunity of pairing Excellents to Excellents.

As A Puppy


Willow's Mother

Willow's mother came from Bulgaria, from Aberash Kennels. Our great friend Nicole Shannon Imported her. She is a stellar example of the breed and we love her!

Willow's Father

Willow's father is Rio. See his page for more details. The puppies from Rio and Willow's mother proved to be a stellar pairing and we plan to do it again.