First "Taste" of Snow

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Sierra's Winter Litter are now 7 weeks old. They have been in the heated barn room for the last two weeks. I let them out everyday to play in the bigger room—they romp and play for an hour or so and then they get tired and want back into their pen to sleep.

Yesterday it snowed here pretty good so I decided to open the door to let the puppies see the snow for the first time. If they wanted to go out and play in it that would be fine—or if they did not want to that also was fine. I was curious to see what they would do? Weeeell, they stood there in the doorway and looked at it for a while—then they seemed to convey something with one another? And they bound out the door and belly flopped into the fresh, crisp snow! They looooved it!

The puppies played in it for over an hour until they were pretty good and wet. It was just delightful to watch their new found joy! Now, every time I go in there, they run to the door with eyes all aglow—"Can we play in the snow mom? Super Please? We'll be good, Pinkey Promise!" How can you resist that? As I open the door - they dive into the snow and the playtime begins—they are Bernese Mountain Dogs after all! This ain't Switzerland—but, it will do!