Rio, The Clown

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

Last weekend we went to our favorite place, Upper Priest Lake. We just love it there! Our daughter's boyfriend, who we all just adore, had just bought some fancy new mules that he wanted to give a spin. Our daughter brought along a few horses and we brought Rio who loves to go anywhere. My husband and Rio hung out a lot together. I took a few photos of the day—it was just beautiful.

When we got back to our vehicles we were having some snacks and drinks. Rio sat by a nearby fir tree that had one low hanging tree branch which rested across his face. I saw it on his face and he just sat there being silly and I swear he was laughing behind that branch just waiting for someone to notice his silly new look. Kind of like he had a new pair of sunglasses that were funny and he full well knew it! We were all laughing so hard at the sense of humor that Rio has—it was just hilarious as he sat there being the clown that he is and loving every minute of the attention he was getting. He sat there for quite a while while we laughed. Got to love that Rio, he has the best sense of humor—what a joy he is!