A Stroll Through Maple Leaf Heaven

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

I love the fall when the colors start to change and the pace on the farm slows down a bit. Things just get more relaxed and we can enjoy the season. This year we have two pups that we are raising for ourselves from Willow and Elliot's late summer litter. We have named them Roman (a male) and Montana (a female). We have always wanted to keep two pups together from the same litter but have never quite got up enough mojo/energy to do it but that all changed when saw just how beautiful these two were together and we had to do it!

Roman and Montana really are easy pups in that they enjoy each other and are secure enough to be happy when we are petting the other one and do not have to have all the attention to themselves. They are good being contented to watch while the other one gets some loving knowing we will not short them on love later.

One day I was out with the pups just kinda meandering around with them as they explored the farm. The leaves were gently falling from the trees and I looked up to see where the pups were—when I looked up I saw this beautiful picture. The little puppies rambling around in the leaves having so much fun with each other and the big maple tree like a gentle old lady tall above them. I snapped the shot and was delighted with it—it really is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it too!