New to the Team... Roman & Montana

  • by Tracy
  • Puppy News

I wanted to introduce to you our newest family members... Roman & Montana. A brother and sister team from Willow & Elliot's late summer litter. These two are such shining examples of what we want to see in our pups—we just had to keep them! They are thick and sturdy pups. But, more than that they are gentle, sweet babies. They get along so very well together. Are content always and never complain about anything. They really are so amazing. We are enjoying training them and the socialization process has been a joy. We are in the throws of potty training and as soon as we have accomplished that we will be going public, LoL. Just anywhere we can take them, we will. It is so important to get those babies out with people. So, Petsmart, farm stores and airports here we come. If they do well with the crowds and people in general, we hope they will be our first Certified Therapy Dogs!!! That would be a thrill. That is our goal and we will be recording that journey here on our Recent Updates page.